This is interesting . Shadow government agencies brought to light .

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Trump Shutting Down Agenda 21
Shadow Government Agencies!
President Trump is learning the TRUTH
behind all the BS that the former crime
syndicate corporations, posing as our
government, have been pulling off
against the American people –

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Thank you for all the amazing support you have shown the Medic & Healer Council! *** We also need a transport vehicle and snow-ready ATVs URGENTLY – if you have a reliable vehicle you are…

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What is not being covered in broadcast media today

Excellent Tips for Radio Broadcasters


BY QUINTUS DIAS.   July 20, 2016.  What is not being covered on American pop radio today is sorely lacking news and topics related to:

1.  Home schooling, home medicine, and home grown food and gardening, which as you know is all being criminalized.

2.  Cottage industry.  Startups and entrepreneurs making an impact here or in the third world.  Nobody has interviewed the designer and makers of the Rocket Stove for the American public.

3.  Veteran’s affairs and issues.  This is really important as Vets are now viewed as terrorists and crazy criminals by the powers that be.

4.  Exopolitics and foreign issues affecting us-we cannot ignore the world or the cosmos as we live here.

5.  Interesting ORDINARY people who are doing extraordinary things and positively impacting the world for good.  PLEASE-no more Kardashians (:-)!

6.  Kids!!!!!!!  My sense is that nobody is devoting any time to our kids and…

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Harney County Meeting 1-19-2016 Review | Quintus Dias

By Quintus Dias

Manticore Group

ghost_of_an_eagle_by_dmelges-d4edqclQuintus Dias.   After watching the proceedings at the community meeting so-called in Burns, Oregon, on 01-19-2016 at the Harney Co. High School it was obvious to me that it was staged and manipulated to deny the people of Oregon and the United States an opportunity to hear dispassionately the issues at hand.

The mafia clique in Harney County did not disappoint.  The issues surrounding the Hammonds, who are widely believed to have been railroaded into prison, the extinguishment of ranching as a way of life, the loss of so many jobs, the preponderance of the BLM, and government in the lives of Harney County residents and how Harney County became the poorest county in Oregon, when it was formerly the richest residents was neglected or lost in a new version of the Kansas City shuffle.
Instead, we heard about the fear of kids in the schools, the closing of…

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Political Warfare Primer | Quintus Dias

Unfortunately this has become all too familiar.

Manticore Group

QUINTUS DIAS.  Political Warfare Primer, as presented on Who’s Next on the Microeffect Radio Network on Thursday March 17th 2016.

thcentury history]

I. POLITICAL WARFARE DEFINED:  Political warfareis the use of political means to compel an opponent to do
one’s will, based on hostile intent. It describes the calculated interaction between a government and a target population to include the use of the criminal justice system to criminalize political opponents, the press to demonize opponents and includes black operation methods by secret agents such as:
  Character defamation and assassination
  Deceptions and false narrativesappearing in the press
  Media spin and false imagesappearing in the press
  Passage of new laws to criminalize former legal political behavior
  Propaganda campaigns to delegitimize targets
  Psychological operations todemoralize targets
  The use of police and military to falsely accuse, to falsely…

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The Bundys

Just in.

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4f522-judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

Many people have asked me what our Living Law Firm has done or is doing for the Bundys and others involved in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Stand-Off.
Even I have wasted time and money writing letters and making phone calls and posting on Facebook to no avail—- and just like Thomas Deegan in West Virginia, you can’t help Stubborn and Wrong.
Just recently I have had word that one of the Bundys might be starting to listen, but only because they have run out of money to pay “real” attorneys.
The Bundys are being prosecuted under the false presumption that they are
 “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” when they are not.
United States Citizens have never been protected by the guarantees of The Constitution, so, as long as you agree that you are a United States…

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